6 Tips on Lead Nurturing using Personal Video

Nurturing leads will help you build relationships in order to qualify your prospects. By using Marketo’s advanced processes of lead scoring and segmentation, you can create a segment of one – the ideal audience for Personal Video.

The Power of Personal Video

Personal video is now available on Marketo LaunchPoint, and is one of the most effective ways to engage customers and leads with proven success in terms of email click-through rates and conversion rates.

Here are 6 Tips to nurture your leads with Personal Video:  

1.”Personal Video” within the email subject line

Video increases click-through rates and personal video can even double them. But without telling your lead that the email contains a personal video made especially for them, they might not open the email, and you might lose the impact.

  1. Be sure it will play on any device

Create a Personal Video that will play on any device. 65% of users open email on their mobile, so you need a personal video technology that supports desktop, iOS or Android devices.

  1. Use their name within the first 10 seconds

20% of viewers abandon a video within the first 10 seconds. One of the unique ways in which Personal Video engages is the use of the viewer’s name within those first 10 seconds. When they see their name, they’ll stay with you for at least the next 50 seconds.

  1. Remind them of their previous engagement

Personalized Video should be part of a relationship.  It’s important to remind your leads what their last interaction with you was: “Thank you for downloading our white paper about….” or “Thank you for visiting our booth at …” Sentences like these lead to trigger-based personalized communication which boosts the CTA at the end of the video.

  1. Give them some added value information according to their segment

Now that you have clarified your relationship history, it’s time to give them some added value. This should be relevant to their history of interest and segment, and highlight benefits for them in the most professional and concise way.

  1. Encourage them to take the next engaging action

Personal Video has a high impact for conversions. That’s why you should carefully pick the next action you want your leads to take. Invite them to a personal session with one of your experts, encourage them to join a group or blog or even invite them to your next event.

Engage your leads with Personal Video. Visit our Marketo LaunchPoint page for more information.

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