The Power of the Play Button

Our insights from millions of emails with personalized video, worldwide

It may just look like a triangle but the play button elicits so much suspense that people can’t resist – they just have to click on it to see what’s going to happen next…

And how do we know this? Because video in an email increases the click-through rate by at least 200%

But how do potential viewers actually know that there’s a video in your email to view?

The Power of Video in the subject line

One of the major pain points of any marketer is overcoming the click-through challenge. Because ultimately, no matter how perfect your email campaign is, if your customers aren’t opening the mail, it’s worthless.

So the subject line is critical for your email channel success. And 64% of people say they open an e-mail because of it. Promising a video within the email subject line will dramatically increase your open rate.

The Power of the Play Button thumbnail

After dozens of A/B tests, it’s clear that when an email contains a thumbnail with a play button as opposed to an email that just has text and design (even if this text is wrapped in pretty graphics), the click that takes you from the email to the landing page of the video can even be tripled.

The Power of Personal Video

So, your video’s doing the job before your users even view it. But do they actually view it? How can you be sure that they won’t abandon your video in the first 10 seconds (as 20% of recipients usually do….)?

You need to find some really engaging stuff to grab them from the get-go.

That’s where the power of personalization starts to come into the picture. With personalized video, your viewers hear and see their name on screen in those critical 10 seconds. That’s it- they’re engaged enough to stay tuned and discover that all the content of the video is relevant to them.

And that’s why we consistently see a more than double and even triple conversion rate of calls to action after viewing a personalized video.

Take Away:

-If you have a video in your email, promise it in your subject line

– Your email should contain a thumbnail with a play button

– Add personalization to keep your viewers engaged

– And use the power of all three to increase your call to action button conversion rates

Go for it – it’s just a click away

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