Lead generation

Our campaigns achieve up to 95% new lead accuracy. How?
The platform cross checks multiple databases to keep only the real and accurate targeted audience in the campaign list based on the buyer persona profile. This list is then uploaded to all campaign channels.
Based on the campaign new leads, the platform uses AI to shape the buyer persona profile
and optimize the campaign lists accordingly.
Which means every lead is an MQL.

Lead nurturing

Yes, you should nurture your prospects, measure engagement and determine when they’re ready to become marketing qualified leads.
But what if you could drive some of them to skip the funnel by having them initiate a meeting with your sales team?
By using unique engagement tools such as Personal Video and V-Book, we create a persona based ecosystem to constantly keep your brand in your prospects’ minds and even drive them to skip the funnel.


Awareness Campaign

We are able to pinpoint your B2B target audience by persona, throughout the Web and direct your campaigns exclusively to their LinkedIn account, other social accounts and pretty much wherever they go online.
As we are not targeting by segment but by utilizing a list accumulated from more than 15 different databases, we are capable of achieving 95% accuracy of audience, reflected in new leads from your campaign.