Boost your existing marketing content discovery

As B2B marketers you have already created lots of marketing content- website inner pages, white papers, webinar recordings, landing pages for campaigns , blog posts…. to name but a few.

But the real challenge is to help your target viewers discover all of it. Or, at the very least, the parts that are relevant to their needs.

So how can you drive traffic to reuse this content in the most relevant way?

V-bookGo is an online visual platform that helps visitors to discover your marketing content in an engaging way.

By creating a centralized conceptual asset, viewers arriving from your social media posts, email marketing, banners, YouTube pre-rolls and so on, will all experience a consistent campaign style.

And even your existing content, however diverse it might be, is now accessible within the same theme.

Reuse your existing content and increase discoverability in an engaging way.

Click here to see the V-bookGo made for IBM

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