What is character based marketing?

What is character based marketing

It’s a fact. Characters boost engagement. Studies show that character-based campaigns increase online engagement and optimize memorability & shareability.

Shareability means advertising for free, and positive shares are the highway to your customer’s mind. Because it’s not just about awareness anymore, it’s about positive emotions.

How to create positive customer emotions

As your customers are humans they interact better with a persona rather than an entity, such as a brand.

But if you succeed in personifying your brand they’re more likely to connect, interact and even share.

A character can personify your brand. But what kind of character will best engage your customers?

How to create an engaging character

This is a process which starts with learning your customers’ personality, emotions and behavior.

In order to increase engagement, your character needs to represent either what they would ideally like to be, or what they would most like to avoid being…..

Based on that, you can create the character personality ID, and it’s often worth using a psychologist in this process as the level of engagement increases with the accuracy of your analysis.

Placing your character in situations which the customer can relate to will create the ‘share effect’.

How to make it unforgettable

And now after all the rationale, comes the fun part- designing your character.

They have to be unique, with an immediately recognizable voice and style of speaking.

They need to have their own habits, desires & quirks.

The way they walk, talk and interact with others all need to be part of the way they’re represented.

After all that’s what makes them interesting. And worth sharing.

A star is born

The launch of your character’s animated video campaign is just the beginning, because now they can develop a social life from their own Facebook page, respond to posts, interact in forums, appear in personal videos, or even call your customers and encourage them to take action.

Because although they are celebrities, they have zero demands and they live forever so you can stick with them for a whole lot longer than just the one campaign.

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