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personal video creative

As the world leaders in the creation of personal videos,
we offer a full in-house personal video creative process,
based on your brand guidelines. Together with our
local partners we have created personal videos for banks,
insurance companies, retailers, utilities, travel, mobile
and communication companies all over the world.
Personal video creative can also be carried out by your
ad agency based on our training and guidance.

our portfolio

Peter’s video

Vivian’s video

Marilyn’s video

Bradley’s video

Brian’s video

James’s video

Patricia’s video

Matt’s video

Christopher’s video

Jamie’s video

Michael’s video

Andrew’s video

Michelle’s video

Lawrence’s video

video distribution

Gone are the days when it was only the number of views
on YouTube that mattered to marketing managers.
Because in B2B it’s not just about how many viewers you
gain but exactly who they are and what you want them to
understand & feel afterwards so they’ll take the right action.
The creative team needs to make a video in the context
of your campaign and by using advanced technologies you
can distribute it specifically to your targeted personas.

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