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data-driven personal video

One of the most powerful tools to emotionally
engage customers throughout their lifecycle.
Personal video incorporates customer data
with dynamic fields to create an unlimited
number of different personalised videos.
Harnessing the power of video combined with
the impact of personalisation, personal video
can double open rates, and even triples
conversion rates.


video and

Personal Video can be in 2D or 3D animation, or in live video, with fully composited dynamic fields.


Based on pre-recorded variables that can change according to customer data, and include names, numbers, dates and more.

graphs & text

In any font, variables can also consist of figures, sums, dates or calendars, graphs and charts with versatile perspective and movement.


What one viewer sees will be different not just in the content of its dynamic fields, but also in the story or offering itself presented to each segment.


Personal video can be presented in real time based on information provided online by the user.

any scale
any device

Our system supports an unlimited number of personalized videos which can be viewed on any device, including android or iOS.


Clickable buttons can be embedded into the video offering customers a choice in the relevancy of the content.


With this add-on users can receive a call on their mobile from within the video as they are watching it, in real-time.

make my day

user-driven personal video

User-driven personal video is based on the
information provided by users on booking,
purchasing or registration forms.
The video can be sent by e-mail or text
message, or presented in real-time on your
user portal or mobile app, resulting in an
unexpected engaging customer experience.


Let’s say your customer’s car insurance is about to expire.
How do you know when your customer is available to hear
your renewal offer? When they watch their video they give you
a real-time indication that they are ready for your call.
give it a try!

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